Be Your Own Cheerleader

When it comes to reaching our personal goals, it can be ourselves that are our own worst enemy. Here are a few ways to be your own cheerleader and focus on your creative pursuits.

It is a wonderful thing indeed if you get to do something creative for a living. You have done good if you are able to use your creative talents on a regular basis.

Like most artists and makers using their talents for their day jobs, I’m sure you give 100% of your creative energy and ideas – after all we are all perfectionists in our own ways and like to do our best.

While these things are all big ticks there sometimes can be an underlining negative in the way we can often feel that we let our own personal projects fall by the wayside after giving all our creative energy and ideas away for other purposes. Not saying this is a bad thing, but sometimes it’s ok to use our creative energy to focus on a personal project, you have always wanted to tackle.

This can be hard to do though at times as all those negative thoughts and self loathing can creep through when your’e focusing on your own big dreams – Right?

Clearly I’m writing this from personal experience. Can you relate? Don’t worry this is a safe space. While it’s always nice to have your close friends and family support you in your creative dreams, sometimes it’s ourselves we need the support from the most. I know I can be my own worst enemy! So instead we should all train ourselves to be our own cheer squad! Which for me and most people is harder to do than it sounds. But there are ways to give yourself a pat on the back or push in the right direction – and that’s by making creating a daily habit.

Make Creating A Habit

How to focus on your creative pursuits.

Here are a few ways to be your own cheerleader and focus on your creative pursuits:

Be accountable for you

Keep a record of your creative process. I have a ‘Create-a-day’ page in my bullet journal that I use daily to record at least one creative thing that I have done for myself that day. The daily documenting for this helps me be accountable for getting something done no matter how small.

Pros + cons

Make a pros a cons list. Lay out all of your fears on one page and on the pros page counter attack those fears with a positive thought that could come out of the worry / con. They do say the grass is always greener on the other side for a reason.

Digital detox

Stop worrying about how many social media followers you have vs people in the same creative field and experience as you. There are many times I’ve questioned myself based on Instagram followers. But you can’t let this be the judge of your talents.

Break it down

If you have an overwhelming amount of work to get done on a particular project, break it down and do a bit each day.

Make creating a habit by doing something for your own personal projects at the same time each day. Before you know it it will become second nature.

Cheer Squad

Take time to celebrate past achievements

It’s so easy to quickly move on to the next thing without giving time to focus on your past achievements. Look to your past work for motivation. With all things moving full speed ahead, it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on some of the things you have been proud of and completed. Who knows, they could even inspire a new idea?!

Be you, not them

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. I have always looked at creativity as an island. Build your own ideas, let yourself set the trends, be OK with different and unique because the people that matter (who are legit) will want to visit your ‘island’ and be happy to celebrate it’s beauty with the world.

Make your own opportunities

Don’t wait around to be acknowledged for your work or an opportunity. Sometimes the best opportunities are those we make for ourselves. It’s so easy to think – “If I just keep plugging away [insert cool company name here] will contact me to collaborate. They [insert workers of cool company here] follow me on social media, surely they have seen my work? So if it’s any good they will contact me?” While this can happen to some people [lucky peeps] it doesn’t always and does not mean your work isn’t good enough. It’s probably because they are answering back emails from the people who have already reached out. So don’t be afraid to contact [insert really cool dream company you really want to work with here] an offer or pitch they can’t refuse.

So are you ready to be your own cheerleader? I’m more than happy to join your cheer squad! 

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