Why Life Like Documented?

Hello! Welcome to I hope this space inspires you to document your own creative journey, as I continue to explore mine. I’ve always been interested in documenting the everyday, since starting a journal during childhood. My daily documenting has continued on, all the way to my adult years. There are many different ways to share stories and I enjoy sharing mine through writing, photography, design, styling, crafting and gardening.

So why life like documented?
Because they are three words that encompass what this space is all about.

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Be Your Own Cheerleader

When it comes to reaching our personal goals, it can be ourselves that are our own worst enemy. Here are a few ways to be your own cheerleader and focus on your creative pursuits.

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Week In The Life

I recently participated in this year’s Week In The Life project. Keen to learn more about my daily habits, it was a great way to get a snapshot of my life. Here is what I learnt and daily documenting tips I picked up during the process.

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The Like List

 A regular section where I will be sharing current things I’m loving. Everyone likes a list too – even better if it includes pretty things.

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My Creative Story

A little bio about my creative journey, that began with some crafty school classes and clubs. Followed by pursuing a career in print publishing and digital media. Despite some setbacks, I have never given up on the dream of being able to create everyday. Here is some of the story so far…

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