How To Decorate Your Planner With Stickers, Washi Tape + Sticky Kits

Being productive and jotting down your ‘weekly’ to-do list does not have to be ugly and tedious. So why not try some of these fun (and super cute!) ways to decorate your planner using stickers and washi tape, that will also help you to tick off those daily goals and tasks too. 

You can probably guess given the name of this blog that documenting and journaling has always been important to me. It’s a daily ritual that began from childhood that I still do today (everyday). Over the years my journaling style has grown and changed depending on my interests and type of journal I chose to document the year in (so much thought goes into this decision at the start of each year!). At the moment I have 4 different planner systems on rotation….

Every day I journal and plan in my A5 Hobonichi Techo, Hobonichi Weeks, Traveler’s Notebook (weekly and monthly inserts) and a Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal. Stickers have always had a place on the pages of my journals, with washi tape becoming a new fond favourite since a trip to Japan a few years ago – it has so much versatility. So I have had LOADS of practice with journaling with these two favourite stationery supplies! Not only do I use stickers and washi tape to decorate my daily pages, but I also use these them both to plan out my week, so I can stay organised and productive. Plus it makes the pages super pretty to look at AND look back on.

Planning With Stickers

I’m pretty excited to share with you too that I have been selected to be a Creative Ambassador for Sticky Kit Japan! I feel pretty honoured as I have always loved their monthly sticker and washi tape kits. Each month has a theme, so I was pretty chuffed to receive their August sticker and washi tape kits, that are all to do with planning, productivity and back-to-school. Take a look at some cool things I did with this month’s kits below. I have also included some planner stamps, paper ephemera and colourful markers to the mix.

So here are 10 ways you can use stickers and washi tape to decorate your planner:

1. Make ‘to-do’ list planning easier using check box style washi tape. It saves a load of time and can really add a pop of decoration to a mundane task list.

Planner Washi Tape

2. To highlight important dates and events you can use transparent sticker dots to mark over calendar dates and numbers.

3. Washi tape can also be used to decorate the bottom and tops of your pages, highlight consecutive days where you might have a holiday booked or the days that you work.

4. Create washi tape boarder boxes to point out special events too.

5. I enjoy using washi tape with pictures or icons on them as I can cut the pictures off the tape separate and use like stickers.

Decorating Your Planner

6. Ok. I have to let you know…I pretty much have a sticker for everything! It’s because I like using stickers to identify and point out what I did that day. So if I went to a cafe, I would use a coffee cup sticker to include on that partcular day’s timeline in my planner. That’s why I also like the ‘mood’ style stickers as they convey different emotions. So I love the little mood puppy stickers that came with the August Sticky Kit (see below).

7. To make it easier to access certain points of my planner quickly, I like to use month tabs to attach to the sides of my Traveler’s Notebooks.

Traveler's Notebook Insert Tabs

8. To add extra decoration to my planner and journal pages I enjoy collecting and documenting with business cards, product packaging, pattern craft papers, planner stamps, colourful markers, happy mail treats and picture icon stencils to fill out the pages.

9. Add a point of difference to your planner pages by decorating to a specific colour scheme for each week. I chose a rainbow colour palette for this week. I also match my stickers and stamp ink colours to this scheme too.

10. If your weekly planner pages are blank, save yourself some time writing down the month’s numbers and days of the week by using washi tape with these details printed on them.

Hope some of these ideas inspire you to get creative with your planners and off course crafty with your sticker and washi tape collection.

Hobonichi Weeks Planning

For more planning and journaling ideas feel free to check out my Instagram and You Tube Channel as well as this blog.

Happy planning!

August Sticky Kit Japan

Big thanks to Sticky Kit Japan for sharing their August sticker and washi tape kits with me.

Photography, Styling + Words By Jenna Templeton

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