My Zine Collection

Did you know that I make zines? Let me give you a sneak peek of my zine collection. Now available in my online shop.

I have been making, creating and designing zines for a few years now. So I wanted to share with you some of the zines I have made that are currently available in my online shop. Zines are fun to make and allow you to write about all the things that you love and enjoy. My zines focus on topics such as snail mail, sharing pen pal ideas, a Japan travel guide and my favourite biscuits and memories.

What is a zine?

A zine (pronounced ‘zeen’) is an independent publication or series made by creatives around the world that focuses on sharing information about a topic of interest, personal stories or  photo essays etc. The term ‘zine’ comes from the word ‘magazine’. Most zines are unique and are often only available for a limited of time due to short print runs.

Here is a little bit about all my zines:

Happy Mail Day Zine

Happy Mail Day Zine

Happy Mail Day zine is your visual guide to decorating and making mail for friends, family and pen pals. Inside you will find DIY’s and crafty ideas on decorating envelopes, creating mail art, making themed pen pal kits, handmade stationery, papercraft techniques, DIYs, origami and penning a letter.

Pen Pal Ideas

Japan In A Collection Zine

Japan In A Collection zine is a little travel guide with a twist!

Discover the best shops for buying character goods, stationery, books, magazines, anime, gadgets, kawaii collectables, fashion and yummy treats, through each of my own Japan purchases. Japan locations include; Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagano, Yudanaka + Hiroshima. Travel Japan with me in 62 mementos, that I found and bought on my travels around the most innovating and cutest country in the world!

Japan In A Collection Zine

Kawaii Japan Travel Guide

My Life In Biscuits

My Life in Biscuits zine is an illustrated biscuit memoir, which includes stories and descriptions of the biscuits I have consumed from childhood to adulthood.

So if you are a lover of biscuits, tea, pretty tablecloths and doilies, you might love this! Each copy of My Life in Biscuits zine comes with one illustrated tea cup gift tag attached.

My Life In Biscuits Zine

My Favourite Biscuits

Thank you for stopping by my blog and learning about my zines. If you would like to pick up a copy of these head over to my online shop. Your support is very much appreciated.

You can also find more about my zines over on my You Tube Channel too. I also picked myself up some zines from other zines makers from the Melbourne Zine Fair recently and shared a video of my finds.

Hope this inspires you to have fun and get creative making a zine and also keep an eye our for my upcoming ‘How To Make A Zine’ tutorial!

Would you like to know more about zines? Let me know in the comments and/or what are some of your favourite biscuits or Japan shops?

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