Starting A You Tube Channel

Introducing my You Tube channel and what I learnt along the way. Yes! This includes some handy tips and tricks too!

Hello! Apologies for not posting the last couple of months, but the reason for this is because I have been busy starting a You Tube Channel.
Originally this post was just going to be a little introduction to my channel, but I could not help sharing a few things I learned along the way whilst undertaking this new project.

Why You Tube?

The decision to start a You Tube channel came about as I personally do spend a lot of my viewing time on You Tube rather than watching Free-to-air-TV. I found this is because You Tube gives me the option to view videos that are in direct line of my interests and I’m also able to connect with others that share the same hobbies. For me it has become another creative community, making it the perfect place to learn and share my own personal creative projects with others.

You Tuber Jenna Templeton

An inquisitive journalist by nature I spent quite a few days researching EVERYTHING I could about starting my own channel. From the best equipment to customising my channel page. Happy to say that those film units from my university days finally came in handy and I was quite exited about editing video again too.

Filming My First Video

To start I filmed a ‘trailer video‘ to give viewers a chance to get to know me, learn what my channel would be about and why I started a You Tube Channel.
I must admit that it was quite confronting sitting in a room by yourself and talking to the camera. It took a few goes to be a bit more comfortable with myself. I also HATED the way I spoke! Now I understand why actors undergo regular speech and pronunciation lessons! I still need to work on this but happy that for most of my videos I’m able to just show ‘magic hands’ as I focus on sharing DIY crafty projects in most of my videos.

My You Tube Channel

What You Will Find On My Channel

My You Tube Channel focuses on my personal creative projects and crafty loves such as; Snail Mail, Journaling, Stationery and more. Each is explored through DIY’s and process examples.

Feel free to head over to my You Tube Channel to see all my videos and here are a few below. All your likes, comments and subscribes would be greatly appreciated too!

What I Learnt While Starting A You Tube Channel

Now to share some tricks and tips for starting your own channel.

  • Don’t worry about investing in new filming and photography equipment until you have had a few practice rounds with the equipment you already have. While we all want our videos to look the best, you don’t need to have spend all your savings on expensive camera equipment. I just use a Canon DSLR for my videos and I was very thankful that by parent’s already had a overhead camera tripod on hand (from their photography days). This style of tripod is quite hard to find so I recommend even checking out your local op shop for one.
  • While there are some snazzy lighting systems on the market for You Tubers, I find that natural lighting works well for me. I try and shoot on semi-cloudy days or by a window at around 3pm. I make most of my lighting changes using the editing program Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • If you feel uncomfortable talking straight to the camera (I quickly raise my hand!), what I find works is to pretend you are talking to a friend or your lovely subscribers.
  • Find your personal niche and stick to a recurring theme for your channel. What topics interest you?
  • Have fun and do you. It can be demotivating comparing yourself to others and worrying about how your videos should look. I know it’s hard, but try and let these concerns go and just be OK with you. Some of these tips may come in handy for this point.

Thanks again for stopping by and hopefully I will see you on the tube!

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