The Like List

 A regular section where I will be sharing current things I’m loving. Everyone likes a list too – even better if it includes pretty things.

For the first documented Like List, I’m starting off by sharing some of my favourite things.

Keeping a journal

I’ve always kept some form of a journal since I was a child. Yes I do write in it everyday too. This year I have been documenting the days with a planner as well as a daily bullet journal.


I have self-published four zines. It’s a great way to get your ideas out there in a mini magazine form. I will talk about zines more in an upcoming post.

Snail mail

I will take snail mail over email any day! I still get excited when I check the mail and I love sending happy mail to family, friends and pen pals.


I think about Australia’s happiest animal at least once a day. They make me smile and are the cutest!


My happy place. After buying our first home last year I have fallen in love with our garden and have been learning everything there is to know about it as well as plant and flower care. On most weekends I’m tending to our veggie + cut flower patch and making flower arrangements with our backyard beauties.


Having a cup of tea is my daily ritual and means it’s ‘relax’ time. It is normally paired with a quality tea dipping biscuit and a hallmark movie or cosy mystery show.


I love all nostalgic and kitschy Australiana. Be it fond childhood memories of growing up in Oz in the 80s and 90s to true blue souvenirs, collectables and local cuisines + traditions.

Op shopping

Growing up my dad taught me everything there is to know about finding a bargain. That meant visiting local garage sales, trash ‘n’ treasure markets and op shops together. I’m still a fan and have been quite lucky at finding some treasures.


My childhood feels like it was yesterday. But that’s probably due to my photographic memory. Us kids in the 80s had it good. So I like reliving those moments, fads, experiences, movies and TV shows ever so often.


I’m never without a book or magazine. You can often find me on weekends checking out the local bookshops and newsagents for the latest reads.

I probably could go on and on with the list but instead I’m saving some faves for many like lists to come.

What are a few of your favourite things?

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