Why Life Like Documented?

Hello! Welcome to life.like.documented. I hope this space inspires you to document your own creative journey, as I continue to explore mine. I’ve always been interested in documenting the everyday, since starting a journal during childhood. My daily documenting has continued on, all the way to my adult years. There are many different ways to share stories and I enjoy sharing mine through writing, photography, design, styling, crafting and gardening.

So why life like documented?
Because they are three words that encompass what this space is all about.


Celebrating a creative lifestyle and a topic that includes all of life’s amazing things, challenges and experiences.


There are so many things I like and I want to share them with you in my regular “The Like List”. It’s also a term commonly used on social media platforms so it’s a little Easter egg (not chocolate kind, but meaning a ‘hidden gem’ in movie verse).


I’ll be sharing with you a creative snapshot of my life through stories, photographs, illustrations and crafts. Many of my works have a nostalgic and autobiography undertone too.

Why Life Like Documented

Coming up on life.like.documented, there will be also lots of stories dedicated to the everyday creative, and content that I hope inspires you on your own creative adventure.

Thanks again for visiting me, feel free to say hi in the comments.

Whether you have stumbled upon this space through the digital pathways or been an ongoing supporter from my Instagram @JennaTempleton or a reader of my previous blogs My Life As A Magazine and DIY Kiosk. Either way I’m very thankful for your support and interest and hope you pop by again soon and I look forward to sharing this life.like.documented journey with you.

Jenna xo

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